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ADHD and chiropractic, Windsor, dubroy, symptom relief
Can Chiropractic help a Child/Adult with ADHD?
Although it has been studied many times with some indication that it will help, there is not enough research in the area to be definitive. 
Even with very little research on the topic I like to look at how Chiropractic helps the children I currently treat. The changes I have seen in practice in as little as one adjustment shows me that definitely there are positive effects with Chiropractic adjustments and decreasing ADHD symptoms.
Bringing the topic back to the basics, ADHD affects the signaling in the brain, and Chiropractic affects the nervous system which sends the signals to the brain.
So yes chiropractic adjustments can cause a decrease in symptoms to a person with ADHD simply by allowing the neurological signals to flow without disruption.
Call today for a consultation to determine how Chiropractic can benefit you!
Dr. Julie
Dubroy Chiropractic & Wellness


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Ellie on May-31-16 9:18 PM
Great to know that Chiropractic adjustments and decreasing ADHD symptoms have positive effects. Although there is not much research, what little there is helps. Thank you and keep writing like this type of post for us.
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beverly hills chiropractor on July-06-16 1:21 AM
I liked the way you wrote the article. It was very straightforward and your knowledge on the subject is fantastic.
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waitkevichchiropractic on February-26-17 4:04 AM
intéressantes. Pour rendre les choses plus faciles pour vous et moi, j'ai décidé de choisir quelques questions, mes lecteurs, me demander et de répondre ici.
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NinjaEssay on February-20-18 6:15 AM
Chiropractic helps the children definitely there are positive effects with Chiropractic adjustments and decreasing ADHD symptoms and also effects the nervous system. I really like this informative blog .KEEP sharing this article to keep the people updated about this interesting information.
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