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Massage, Windsor, Ontario

Christopher received his R.M.T. designation from the C.M.T.O. in 2011 after graduating from the Massage and Hydrotherapy program at Canadian College of Health Science and Technology in Windsor, Ontario.

His interest in enhancing the quality of life, Yoga and human anatomy lead to his interest in becoming a Massage Therapist.

Christopher treats a wide variety of conditions ranging from acute/chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation, pain management and relaxation.

He is also experienced in Swedish massage, gentle massage, pregnancy massage, geriatric massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point work, joint mobilization, facilitated stretching, acupressure, hydrotherapy modalities (hot/cold), seated massage (chair), remedial exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques, vibration and sound therapy (tuning forks), Reiki, and Yoga.

Christopher is a firm believer that stress can disrupt the normal state of the body and believes that Massage Therapy and other safe and effective approaches can be incorporated to help restore balance which allows the body to heal itself and function effectively. He adapts each massage session based on the client’s needs with the intention of promoting health and wellness.

relaxation and gentle massage, deep tissue and trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, and energy work (Rei ki). With the use of my thorough experience and intuition I cater to each of my clients individual needs to the best of my ability.  I plan on expanding my skill set further to continue to meet clients needs and continue to improve their health in a holistic sense.

Massage, Windsor, Ontario

Shannon has joined our clinic and shares a passion for helping others. She promotes a natural alternative to health and well being. She has come from a medical background that includes pharmacology and medical office assistance.

In a drive to learn new techniques and modalities, Shannon's future endevours include CranialSacral techniques in treatments for autism and ADHD.

Services offered:
Integrative Anatomy - Recipriocal Points - CranialSacral treatments for autism, pain, anxiety, migraines, lowers congestion, increases fluid flow, relaxing connective tissue, aides in metobolic waste, and overall vitality.

"I am client focused to help you achieve your physical goals."

Reflexology, Windsor, Ontario

heather reflexology, massage windsor, wellness windsorBelieving in the power of Reflexology to improve circulation, reduce stress and support the body to return to a state of homeostasis, Heather Torti became a Registered Certified Reflexology Therapist with the Reflexology Association of Canada in 2009.
That same year Heather returned to specialize in Maternal Reflexology, training under Moshe Kruchik. Moshe has traveled the world from his home in Israel to train some of the best maternal reflexology therapists on the globe.

Heather also works as a Labour Doula trained under the Healing Arts Learning Organization (HALO).  

Supporting expectant moms and their partners through their pregnancy to develop their individualized birth plan with their chosen support system. Heather works to try to ensure their pregnancy/delivery and post natal experience is what they planned for as they welcome their new family member. 
Over the last year Heather has been offering the art of Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone Massage to people looking for relaxation massage and improved circulation in Windsor, Ontario. Either treatment offers the opportunity to release the stress and strain built in the body through our physical and emotional environments.
heather torti-refelexology-Windsor Ontario-pain relief direct billing, insurance, massageReiki healing quickly returns the body to it's natural state, or at least gets the body moving in the right direction. This means the body's heart rate, breathing and blood pressure improve. When you breathe better your mind and body settles. Reiki is another treatment that Heather has to offer clients at Dubroy Chiropractic & Wellness Center.
All treatments will support you to feel better. When you feel better you think clearly and feel more motivated to walk through life. 

Feeling better is not a luxury
it is where healing begins!
Heather Torti, Windsor, Ontario,
Reflexologist, Reflexology